The Journey Begins One Garden/One Plant at a Time

The Ewing Community Wildlife Habit Project Team embarked upon their journey to bring our backyards in Ewing back to life on Saturday, May 12th as they completed the first steps in the installation of a new pollinator garden in the Courtyard of the Ewing Senior and Community Center (ESCC).

It was great day for planting – cool, with more rain in the forecast and team members Karen Kissel, Heidi Furman, Mary Corrigan, Joe Mirabella and Joanne Mullowney gathered in the ESCC courtyard to prepare the site and set in the initial plantings in the new pollinator garden.  “Working on a project like this will benefit the many Ewing residents who frequent the Center,” said team member Heidi Furman.  “Not only will the courtyard offer a pleasant escape for the many Seniors who use the site, but it will enable them to enjoy nature up close as it will create habitat for bees, butterflies and other pollinators.”

The plants in the 33′ by 8′ garden were specifically chosen for their ability to feed and nurture all kinds of local pollinators from bees, to wasps,  to butterflies and moths, to beetles and even hummingbirds.  They include black-eyed susans, asters, liatris, bee balm, purple coneflowers, columbines, wild geraniums, coreopsis, goldenrods, lobelias, mistflower, switchgrass and milkweed.

This initial planting was the first project of our newly established Ewing Community Wildlife Habit Project Team who will monitor the site throughout the planting season.  We hope that it will serve as an example of the relatively simple steps residents can take to establish a small habitat garden on their own properties.  According to the National Wildlife Federation’s backyard certification program,  providing food, water and shelter are the basic requirements that you need to meet to attract and support wildlife on your property.  In addition, sustainable landscaping practices such as eliminating the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and adding natural ingredients such as compost will ensure that your garden is a healthy, safe place for wildlife as well as you and your pets.

If you have any questions about establishing your own wildlife garden please be sure to use our contact form to get in touch.  We will be glad to help you get started.


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