Early August Pollinator Garden Update

The wet days of May, June and July have really worked their magic on our new ESCC Pollinator Garden.  The tiny plugs that we planted in early May in the courtyard have come a long way.  We have had virtually no plant losses and while the above ground greenery is coming along and we do have some flowers, we are confident that we are enjoying quicker plant establishment as the roots rapidly establish themselves down into the soil.   The smaller plants experienced less transplant shock and yet the size of the plug assured us that there was plenty of root for each transplant.

We have provided a for a water supply to help meet the needs of any visiting birds – our bird bath is now in place. And, although you can’t see it in the photo, we have hung a bird house in the tree.  We hope during the fall planting season to start adding a few shrubs that we didn’t get in the ground early enough in the spring.

The following photos are from just a few days ago.

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